Trying something different

Beer in Arkansas is my attempt at writing on a more personal level. For the past few years I've been writing about beer for the Fayetteville Flyer. I wrote about the Northwest Arkansas beer scene for All About Beer Magazine, and more recently I've been contributing to the Southwest Brewing News. With these types of assignments I've tried to hone my professional voice, and through the process have been keeping my opinions mostly to myself.

I'd like to try something different with this blog.

Like most beer lovers, I have a fairly strong opinion about any and everything related to beer. From beer quality to the quality of the people behind the beer, everything will be fair game on this site. 

My hope is that this becomes a space that drives the debate around what makes beer great in Arkansas. From recipe formulation to brewing techniques, taproom vibes to industry dynamics...this will be a place to view the phenomenon of local beer through a critical lens. 

Please feel free to share my posts, and most definitely add your own thoughts and opinions for others to see. This is your space as much as mine. Now let's all grab a beer and get started...


Crisis Brewing Co. now open in Fayetteville

Crisis Brewing Co. now open in Fayetteville